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Signs It's the Right Time for Senior Living

Deciding to transition into an independent living facility can be difficult, but often, seniors can maintain their independence and live a full life. With so many amenities of services on-site for residents, it's easy enough for them not only to enjoy themselves in this new place they will now call home. Independent living facilities also provide opportunities they wouldn't have if left without support or supervision from loved ones while still controlling what happens around them. Here are some common signs your loved one might be ready for independent senior living.

They do not leave the house.

Staying social and active is essential to healthy aging- even in your later years! If your loved one has not left the house for an extended period of time, it may be a sign they need assistance. Getting out of the house can prevent loneliness, leading to depression or dementia symptoms like memory loss (or both). 

They had a recent fall or accident. 

If your loved one recently had an accident or fall, they may be ready for independent living. If you notice that the accidents are becoming frequent, it might be time to consider whether they need extra help to stay safe while taking on these tasks themselves.

Nutritional needs are not being met. 

If you're caring for an aging relative who lives by themselves at home, then there may be times when it feels more challenging than usual just getting food on the table. If your loved one is not going out, chances are their nutritional needs are being met. Mealtime provides seniors with an opportunity to socialize and get the nutrients they need for healthy living in retirement communities that offer well-balanced meals made from fresh produce or meats as well as whole grains.

Difficulty with medication management.

It is important to make sure that older adults are taking their medications as prescribed. An independent living facility can be a safe haven for those who need help managing daily life activities, including medication management!

These are just some of the many signs your loved one might be ready for an independent living facility. Of course, if they can make decisions independently, it's important to have them involved in the process. 

Everly House in Macomb, Illinois, has been serving as an independent living center with the security and comforts of home since 1953! The facility was constructed in the early 1950s with funds from the Everly Trust for senior living purposes. Residents enjoy spending their time in several ways - playing games in the lovely sunroom, walking the path around our landscaped pond, enjoying various programs, or just visiting over a delicious meal. We can furnish your room, or you may bring your treasures with you. Join us in one of our 30 apartments; you'll feel right at home with us!


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